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Oct, 2018


We have received 12 inches of rain this week at Hidden Valley.  The city is working hard to get he fields ready for games so with that being said Hidden Valley will be closed at least until Monday for practices.  Weather is just not cooperating and is out of our control.  Thank you for your understanding in advance.


Aug, 2018


This final schedules have been posted.  Click no the title 'Schedules' to get more information.


Jul, 2018

Fall League

Fall registration is now open for Recreational and Comp teams.  Please visit the pages on our website "Fall Competitive League" & "Fall Recreational League Information" for details.


Jun, 2018


All rain outs from this week have been re-scheduled for next week.   


Feb, 2018

Spring Sign- Ups

We will be at Lucy Franklin from 9-11 and Brittany Hill from 11-1 this Saturday February 10th.  Come sign up for Softball you won't regret it!!!!


Jan, 2018

Umpire Clinics

If you are interested in umpiring please take a look at the clinics listed and come join us!  We would love to have as many umpires this year as possible!


Nov, 2017


BSSA is having a free clinic for all Softball girls at Sports Junkie in Blue Springs on Saturday December 16th from 2:30-4.  Please come out and enjoy some great fun with some great coaches to learn the fundamentals of a great game.  Pitching and Catching instruction will also be available.


Apr, 2017

Dick's Sporting Goods Special Event

Dick's Special event for Softball Players.  If you need equipment for Softball this season or need anything sports related go out to Dick's Sporting goods in Independence and get 20% off in-store purchase for this weekend April 8-9. 


Mar, 2017

DeMarinia Aces Gold SKill Camp at Hidden Valley

GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN FROM PLAYERS HEADED TO PLAY AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN COLLEGE.Understand what it takes to develop and learn to achieve your dreams and fulfill your passion


Jun, 2018

End of the Year

End of the year is coming to a close - the league has decided to cancel this year's end of the year celebration.  We are working on making next year bigger and better.   Your end of the year medals for all coaches to be picked up should be ready by Friday June 29th.  More information to come.
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Field Status

Closed Closed

Hidden Valley Complex (10:44 AM | 10/08/18)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 3 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 4 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 5 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 6 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 7 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 8 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 9 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Field 1 (01:12 PM | 10/12/18)

Closed Closed

Franklin Smith Elementary (10:44 AM | 10/08/18)

Closed Closed

Keystone (07:45 AM | 08/20/18)

Closed Closed

North (07:45 AM | 08/20/18)

Closed Closed

South (07:45 AM | 08/20/18)